When Amazon began its journey, it literally had no competition. There were no big fish in the pond, so to speak of. Today, though, there isn’t any space left by the big fish for the smaller ones to swim in according to Armando Roggio.

He says, “No small business can compete with the likes of Amazon head to head”. It is his opinion that while direct competition is not possible, a small business can still remain successful and profitable pitted against the giants such as Costco, Target, Walmart and Amazon provided they follow a few key strategies.

The key according to Armando is to sell with a competitive advantage. Or in layman’s terms just sell something that the big fish are not directly competing for. If a product does not exist on Amazon or is not really doing well through such large ecommerce websites then it can be sold using smaller ecom sites.

Why Is It Difficult To Compete?

It is not just the size but the well developed fulfilment infrastructure of Amazon that makes it so difficult to compete with this giant. One excellent way to balance things out especially if your ecommerce website sells your products exclusively in the market is to sell on your website as well as use Amazon as a second storefront. Nothing wrong in doing this and the best part is that you utilize the marketing potential of Amazon to reach millions of customers while building a steady base and use the income generated to build up the reputation of your business and your ecommerce platform.

According to Helen Schmid, who previously worked in marketing at Amazon, unless you can build a website that is easy to use, ergonomic and a pleasure to use – you should not really be trying to compete with the big fishes. Start by leveraging the potential of such ecommerce giants and at the same time gradually build up your market presence.

Just recently in July, Amazon held its Amazon Prime Day sales event. This was the second time Amazon held such an event and it propelled many of its competitors to organize a big sale on the same day out of fear that they may lose loyal customers to Amazon if they do not do anything. Funnily enough, the date chosen by Amazon, July 12th is innocuous and there is absolutely no justification in why a one-day sale would impact other ecommerce websites.

How We Can Help?

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We also maintain a regularly updated blog to keep you informed of the latest developments in the world of ecommerce business and how you can leverage strategies, ideas and opportunities to boost sales, regardless of whether you own your own ecommerce website or use one the big ecommerce platforms like Amazon.


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