Initially we began as a side project under the watchful eyes of our parent organization. Actually back then we were an ecommerce experiment to figure out whether we could last alongside Amazon and the likes. As time went by, we made mistakes, had success and above all learnt a lot of valuable lessons. Then, the higher management had a reshuffle and they decided that should move away from direct selling and concentrate on solution providing.

Our struggles led us to believe that the world is filled with similar small websites with good products but no clue on how to market it or compete with million dollar campaigns. We also realized that no two projects are ever the same. Depending on the product, market niche, audience and timing – the strategy has to change. Hence, unlike other marketing and ecommerce promotion companies or solutions, we have no fixed price or package. Our service is custom made for all our clients each paying only what they ought to and not for something they may never need.

Transparency and honesty is our major principle of operation and ensuring clients achieve their desired sales is the only objective.